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Information Technology

Magley & Associates built its reputation in IT recruiting, and we continue to place top-notch candidates in assignments at leading companies. Here are some of the positions we’ve been filling for our clients:

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Human Resources

As a member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Magley & Associates understands the importance of the HR function. With our new HR capabilities, the Magley Team is ready to place top-notch candidates in a variety positions and functions, including:

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In Marketing, Magley & Associates is prepared to fill opportunities in:

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Don’t Miss Out on Future Opportunities

If you don’t see an opportunity that interests you but want to be considered for future opportunities, please submit your resume as an attachment (MS Word or text-only formats) to Magley & Associates directly at resumes@magley.com.

We’ll acknowledge receipt via e-mail and forward your resume to the appropriate Magley & Associates recruiter. The recruiter will then contact you if you’re a good fit for the posted position or another opportunity.

Opportunities knock all the time, so check back regularly!

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